À la Carte Menu

À la Carte Menu

This is a Sample “A la carte” Menu,
don’t hesitate to call us if you want to
know the current menu

Sample « à la Carte » Menu
(see lunch menu here)

Les Entrées – Starters :

Les Entrées – Our Starters :

Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Choux Pastry Éclair   £ 8.95
L’Eclair aux Asperges et Saumon Fumé

The Rabbit is out of its cage….:£ 9.95
French Farmed Rabbit Stuffed Saddle, Rabbit Legs Rillettes, Rabbit Liver, Whole Grain Mustard Sauce
Le Lapin est sorti de sa Cage … :
(Râble de Lapin farci, Rillettes de Cuisse de Lapin, Foie de Lapin, Sauce Moutarde…)

 9 Snails in Garlic Butter and Parsley     £ 9.95
Les 9 Escargots au Beurre d’Ail

Goat Cheese, Courgettes, Basil and Mint Gateau, Red Pepper Coulis(v) £ 7.95
(Add some Smoked Duck  £2.00)
Le gâteau de Fromage de Chèvre, Courgettes, Basilic et menthe, Coulis de Poivrons Rouges

 Pan Fried Scallops and King Prawn on a Pastilla of Brocciu Corsica Ewe Cheese and Vegetables,  Rocket Salad and Kalamansi Coulis   £ 11.95
Noix de Saint-Jacques et Gambas sur une Pastilla de Brousse de Brebis Corse et Légumes, Roquette et Calamondin

Les Plats Principaux- Our Main Course:
Option Végétarienne, Vegetarian Option:

« Niçoise » Wheat-sotto with Sundried tomatoes, black olives, Basil and Pissaladière Sauce (v) £14.95
(Confit onions, tomatoes, and pesto)
Le Risotto de Blé à la Niçoise, Sauce Pissaladière

Les Poissons, Our Fishes:

Pan Fried Seabass with Seaweed “Beurre Blanc” and Samphire £ 21.95
Filet de Loup de Mer Poêlé, Beurre Blanc aux Algues et Salicornes

Steamed Cod and Pan-Fried Spices dressed Red Mullet Filet, Vierge Sauce:
Tomatoes, Cucumber, fresh Coriander & Citrus zests        £ 21.95
Le Duo de Cabillaud Vapeur et Rouget Poêlé aux Epices, Sauce Vierge au Concombre, Coriandre

Les Viandes, Our Meat:

Pan Fried Veal Medallions with Crispy Veal and Pistacchio Raviole,  “Grand Veneur” Sauce        £19.95
 (Huntsman’s Creamy Sauce made from Game Marinade and Redcurrant)
Les Médaillons de Veau Poêlés, Raviole de Veau et Pistaches, Sauce Grand-Veneur

Grilled Rib of Beef on the Bone for 2     £26.95 per person
La Côte de Bœuf Grillée pour 2

 Seared Beef Fillet in Cracked Pepper £24.95
Le Filet de Bœuf Poêlé au Poivre Mignonnette

 Suppl. Sauces: Béarnaise, Cognac Green Pepper Corn or Garlic and Parsley Butter £2.50
 Sup. Sauces Béarnaise, Poivre Vert, Beurre Persillade

Duo of Duck “Magret” and Confit Duck Leg Cigar, Apricot Sauce    £21.95
    Duo de Canard Confit et Magret Poêlé, Sauce aux Abricots

Pommes-Frites (French Fries) £ 3.95
Selection of Vegetables, French style cooking  £5.95

  The Selection of 3 French Fine Cheeses  £ 8.95
 Desserts  £7.95 – Sweet Wine from £4.95

All our customers are very welcome to bring their own wine, champagne, or cake*.
As you may understand, a service charge will be applied.
However, we have a beautiful wine menu !
*The cakeage (cake fee) will be applicable if no dessert from the restaurant have been bought.