Tour de France Set Menu

Tour de France Set Menu

“TOUR DE FRANCE” Set menu : Caen, Rouen : Normandy ! (available from 21st of March to 8th of April).
2 Courses…£18.95 – 3 Courses…£23.95

Normandy is one of the great historic regions of France. In the Middle Ages, Normandy was one of the great dukedoms which, like Burgundy, rivalled in power and prestige with the kingdom of France.
Before he died, the king of England, Edward the Confessor, named his nephew William, duke of Normandy, as his successor. But after Harold, William’s cousin, took the English crown for himself, William invaded England in 1066, to assert his claim to a royal crown. The story of William the Conqueror is magnificently told in the historic Bayeux Tapestry, which can be visited in Bayeux, a few miles to the west of Caen. With their historic links and their proximity, it is hardly surprising that the Normandy area has much in common with the south of England.

Enjoy ….
For starters:
Camembert Cheese and Spinach Flan “A la Rouennaise”, “Isigny” Cream reduction
Le Flan d’Epinards et Camembert Rouennaise, Crème Réduite d’Isigny
Smoked Haddock Remoulade with Apple, Celery and Radicchio
Rémoulade d’Eglefin Fumé, Pommes, Céleri et Radis

For the Main:
Pork Ragoût  “A la Normande” with Cider and Mustard
Ragoût de Porc cuisiné au Cidre et Moutarde
Poulet “Vallée d’Auge” with Apples, Mushrooms and Cream
Le Poulet “Vallée d’Auge”, Pommes, Champignons et Sauce Crémée

For desserts:
Salted Caramel  “Mille-Feuilles”
Le Fromage Saint Nectaire, Gel de Pommes et Châtaignes
Apples  “Beurré Normand”
(The dough for this cake has a light texture similar to sponge cake and the apples, grapes and Calvados complete this delicious delicacy)
Beurré Normand aux Pommes

2 Courses… £18.95
3 Courses… £23.95

The “Tour de France” set menu and French “A la carte” dishes will be available from 11.30pm to 3pm but why not visiting us from 10am to 11.30pm if you fancy a little coffee, a croissant, an omelette et even now, some snacks!

You can also have now the opportunity to take away some of our delicacies…
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