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*Moules-Frites is Back!! (Mussels and Pommes-frites). From Tuesday 19th to Saturday 30th of September at Lunch Time only, Head Chef Yves will offer you a wide selection of different recipes of Moules-frites from £11.95. Moules à la Marinière £11.95, Moules Sauce Poulette, (Crème Fraîche, white wine, onions, parsley) £12.95, Moules au Saumon Fumé Maison (The salmon is smoked in our premises!!) £14.95, Moules au Bacon £12.95 etc… Don’t miss the 2 weeks! You can already book your table at L’Artisan.

* Seafood Menu  Wednesday Lunch the13th up to Saturday Lunch the 16th of September: Mediterranean Fish Soup served with Croûtons and Cheese + Whole Dressed Crab served with Aïoli, New Potatoes, Mixed Vinaigrette Salad for £14.95. Book your table now!

* We will answer to your booking within the next 24 hours. If you have received no answer, please contact the restaurant : 01242571257. Thank you. Elisabeth

*Exhibition in our upstairs room: Nick Pike, Paintings of the Cotswolds, Parisian, Nature, Portraits and Commissioned Original Art. Website:


The Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday for Lunch and Dinner.

We can be open on Sunday and Monday for special events (mothering Sunday, etc…) or parties over 20 guests.

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